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World Yogasan Championships 2010 – MUMBAI(INDIA)

champ2008The yoga and Culture Association of Maharastra, Mumbai, sponsored by Life Mission will conduct a world yogasan championships in January 2010. The dates are the 8th through to the 10th of January 2010. The venue will be Andheri Sport Club Mumbai. Participating delegations will be provided free local boarding, lodging and transport during the days of the event. For all detailed information and required papers and paperwork,
World Yogasan Championships 2010

Preliminary Information, Performance & Evaluation Criteria

Sponsors: Life Mission , Gujarat , India
Organized by: Yoga & Culture Association of Maharashtra (Mumbai)
Conducted by: Lakulish Institute of Yoga

Dates: 8, 9, 10, January, 2010.
Venue: Andheri Sports Club, Mumbai , India .

Accessibility: Mumbai is well connected by air with all major international airports.
Eligibility: All yoga organizations.
Local Facilities Provided to Participants: All local boarding, lodging and transport
Fees and Charges: None
Limitation on Delegation Size: Not exceeding 30, inclusive of delegation managers and handlers.

Rules and Regulations : as posted on this website.

Address Inquiries To:

RJ Jadeja, Director, Lakulish Yoga Vidyalaya, Life Mission ,
Jakhan, Post Box 27-Limbdi, Gujarat , India .
Phone: +91-94264 50615


Mr. Kanti Patel

Email: lifemissionmumbai@hotmail.com

Detail literature will be provided on receiving conformation.

Last date of confirmation on intent to participate is 1st October-2009


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Temples are the Very Soul of Religion and Civilization

237Temples are the Very Soul of Religion and Civilization
by Swami Kripalvananda

The importance of temples of God or prayer halls has been equally accepted by all the religions of the world. It is the religious leaders who have established these temples of God throughout the whole world from ancient times. The temples are centers of religion, centers of civilization and centers of service. Whatever humanity is still seen in the society today is fully due to the temples and to the Holy Saints who provided the initiative for establishing them. It was these temples which served as the source from which the fountain of religion and civilization spread all over the world. The temple is the head of religion and civilization. Its destruction is tantamount to the destruction of religion and civilization. In modern India there are innumerable institutions for the service of humanity, and many more are being established day by day. The temples are the birthplace of all these institutions. In ancient India when none of these institutions existed, and only the temples were there, the activities of social service were most efficiently carried on. This goes to prove that the temples of God were not only prayer centers or centers of inspiration or centers of service, but were ever watchful well-wishers, thinking about the welfare, needs and grievances of the people.


The temples are not madhouses of people who take a stone image to be God. The temples are schools of humanity, abodes of peace, lands of compromise and pacification, centers of hope, and places of inspiration and concentration. Just as men do away with the impurities on their bodies by bathing in a river, men with a devotional bent of mind do away with the impurities of their minds by bathing in the river in the Form of the temples of God. The pilgrims, who run to Gokul, Vrindavan, or Kashi, are numerous. This practice was not started a year or two ago. Its beginning can be traced back thousands of years, and yet there is not the least slowing down of the flow of pilgrims to these places. People who look at this fact from a materialistic point of view or those intellectuals who believe themselves endowed with the highest sense may well think these devotees to be on the wrong path; but humble, mature and experienced persons who look from the spiritual point of view, believe them to be on the right path. The Gods in these temples may well look like inanimate objects, but they have in various ways given consolation, satisfaction, peace and solutions to innumerable devotees. These temples have repaired the broken hearts of millions of persons. The Gods in the temples are the support of the weak, the hope of those who have lost all hope, the eyes of the blind, the feet of the lame, the speech of the mute and the future success of the defeated. When mother, father, brother, sister, wife, son, daughter, friend, relatives, beloved persons, physicians, and others can provide no assistance, these temples fulfill all wants. These temples or prayer halls are not the meeting grounds of people of blind faith. They are psychological laboratories provided by saintly religious leaders who are the well-wishers of the society. By the Darshan of their favorite God, or through the hearty prayer of that God, millions of devoted men and women have successfully swum the ocean of frustration, and have attained new lives. We will therefore have to accept this fundamental truth.


It can be proved from the analyzing the lives of those who go to temples regularly that the temples are laboratories of psychology. If any science is proved by arguments alone no experiments will be necessary, but to prove the truth of an argument the need of an experiment is inevitable. When an idea is proved with the help of an experiment, it does not remain a mere idea, but it attains the status of truth. That the temples are the laboratories of psychology is not only an idea. It is a truth established by experiments, as the results achieved there from are before our eyes. The person who does not accept truth even when he sees the results is not a scientist. He is an obstinate man who does not understand science. His opinion has no validity. When the physician gives any medicine to the patient, he does not reveal to him the ingredients with which the medicine was prepared. It is not necessary to do so; neither does the patient show any curiosity about it. His only wish is to get rid of the disease. Similarly, the religious Saints who are well-wishers of the society do not reveal the way in which the sentiments, ideas and activities of a troubled man can be given a suitable direction. It is not even necessary to do so.

The ideas that are engendered in the mind of an individual are based on his previous ways of life. Due to this we have to take recourse to a desired idea to change the direction of an undesirable idea according to the many previous

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29 January 07: Muniji Has Darshan of Lord Lakulishji

On the 29th of January, at the evening hour, Muniji entered the Spiritual Center to invoke the presiding deities. As He had done earlier in 1993, Bhagwan Lakulishji gave darshan to Muniji in the temple of Lord Shiva. The two communicated, as they did on the occasion of the first darshan in 1993. The Lord gave to Muniji two objects universally recognized by the Scriptures as His emblems.  The content of the communication between Muniji and the Lord as well as the two Divine Objects were unveiled later at the time of the celebrations of Muniji’s birthday at Malav on 11th February 07. Read Darshan 2007.

Darshan 2007

We celebrated Life Mission’s tenth anniversary and the consecration of the idols of the three Lords in the Divyayatan Spiritual Center with great joy and enthusiasm. I had considered invoking the three Lords and establishing them at an auspicious hour on the auspicious day of Monday, 29.1. 2007. I had informed only Shri Ranjitsinh Chudasama, the Secretary General of our institution, about this so that there may not be a crowd in the temple complex at the time. Shri Ranjitsinh himself drove me to the Divyayatan at the appointed hour in his own car. Only one or two persons could be seen having come to each temple for darshan at that time. Otherwise there were just the priests and four or five volunteers there”. “First I went to the temple of Lokeshwar Brahmaji and invoked Lord Brahmaji to forever reside as energy in the idol in the temple and concluded the yogic procedure for the installation of the energy in the idol. Thereafter I conducted the same procedure in the temple of Lord Jagadeeshwar Vishnu. I went lastly to the temple of Lord Siddheshwar Mahadev to invoke Lord Shivji. I believed that reverend Dada Gurudev (Grandguru) Bhagwan Lakulishji would certainly grace me with his darshan (visual manifestation of that which is otherwise invisible and unmanifest) on this occasion because he had told me when he gave me darshan in 1993 that he would give me darshan again when he considered it to be the proper time for it. What could be a more proper time than the occasion of the consecration of the idols in the Divyayatan!
This is precisely what happened at 5:15 in the evening on 29.1.2007. Lord Lakulish appeared in the inner sanctum of the Shiv temple and I was once again blessed to receive his purifying darshan. The darshan on this occasion was of a shorter duration than the darshan of 1993. Still, I had a significant conversation with Dadaji even in that brief darshan and received his sacred prasadi.  I understand that everyone among you would be impatient to know in greater detail about this darshan. Therefore I describe this occasion in brief.
I experienced great thrill in every pore of my body the moment Revered Dadaji appeared. This time my eyes were not blinded because the brilliance of his Divine Form was attenuated and tolerable and I could easily see Dadaji’s benignly bright form with ease. I feelingly prostrated before him to offer obeisance and thereafter feelingly said, “Lord, I am blessed today for I have once again received your Divine darshan. In compliance of your Divine command, all your devotees together have built this Divyayatan. Now I humbly pray to you on behalf of all your devotees that you may ever reside in this temple in the form of your Divine energy.”
Dadaji said, “Son! All devotees have together undertaken an excellent endeavor. I am pleased. This temple is most beautiful and grand. From now onwards my subtle energy shall remain established in the center of this Shiv Ling in the form of five idols. Let all know my presence in the following manner:          
Sarva kale sthitau  madhye, pratah poorvabhimukh sthitah,
Madhyane uttar, pashchime sayan, ratrikale ch dakshinam.

“‘I shall be established in the middle at all times. In the morning I am established in the form facing east; north in the afternoon, west in the evening and south in the night.”
I said, “Lord, through the construction of the temple of the three Lords we have made a humble attempt to reflect the principle of the oneness of God as propounded by You. Please mercifully guide us in case we have made any mistake in this.”
Dadaji said, “Since the one and the same Supreme Energy has been established in three forms in these three temples, the Divyayatan will become an excellent center of the principle of the oneness of God. The principle of the oneness of God will be well understood by all who try to understand these temples with a fine subtle vision. Deep mysteries useful for spiritual progress can also be obtained from these temples. The lives of even all those who come here for darshan with their physical eyes and to offer prayers and offerings will be made pure and lifted.”    
I said, “Lord, as commanded by You, for ten years I have adopted the path of external endeavor and worked to the best of my ability for the revival of culture and cultural values. I now wish to revert to the path of renunciation and engage myself in secluded sadhana. Please be so kind as to permit me to do so.”
Dadaji said, “Rajarshi! I am satisfied with your service of ten years in the path of external endeavor. After this, you are free to pursue secluded sadhana. Nevertheless, make arrangements so that the work of cultural revival that has been started continues. Provide necessary inspiration and guidance to the devotees of the pravrutty marg (path of external endeavor) to carry this task forward.”
I said, “Lord, with bowed head, I make a prayer for my own benefit at your holy lotus feet. Please be so merciful as to forgive me if this appears improper. Please be so merciful as to give me your blessing that I may become a complete yogi and attain the Divine Body. If there is any discourtesy in this prayer, please forgive your innocent child.”
Dadaji said, “Son! I know that the goal of your life is to complete your yoga and attain the Divine Body. The sadhana for the attainment of the Divine Body is extremely difficult. However, if you remain steadfast in the face of all difficult phases and pursue your sadhana with firm determination, you will attain your goal. My blessings are of course with anyone in my spiritual lineage who faithfully pursues yoga sadhana. As an indicator of my blessings, I give you two mysterious symbols which are associated with my form. Consider these symbols as the identifying symbols of my spiritual lineage.’  Saying this, Dadaji gave me the two objects and said, ‘Son! You will obtain the deep yoga secret hidden in these symbols, which will prove useful to you in your sadhana.”
I said, “I am blessed that you have showered upon me so much boundless mercy. All your followers will also experience blessedness by viewing this symbolic holy gift.”
Dadaji said, “I shall go now”.
I bowed and said, “Lord! Continue to thus bless this servant”. Speaking thus, I raised my head. Dadaji had disappeared within himself.
I wrapped both symbols in my handkerchief and experiencing the thrill of the Divine darshan walked towards the door. Shri Ranjitsinh opened the door when I knocked at it. About 60 – 70 persons were awaiting my emergence from the temple. Therefore, giving the symbols with the handkerchief to Shri Ranjitsinh, I told him, “Keep this handkerchief with you carefully. Do not open it just now and do not ask any questions about it out of curiosity. I will give you an explanation about it at the appropriate time. Till then, say nothing about it to anyone else also.”
Shri Ranjitsinh has implemented my instructions to the letter. I spent the next day in discussions with the seekers from abroad and had no free time. Thereafter I went out on tour for two days. On the fourth day I decided to write down everything so that I may not need to describe this event individually before various people. Thus, this is the way it was.
Muniji passed on this written account to Ranjitsinh and instructed him to make it known to the public on 11th February (his birthday) when a large number of followers would be attending the celebrations at Kripalu Ashram, Malav. Ranjitsinh abided by the instructions and waited for the appointed day.

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